What are the Best Peony Colors for my Garden?

Ponies have the ability to produce a large array of colors and combinations. There are too many Peony colors to list, because there are thousands of hybrid species that produce unique flower colors. Some flowers can even be classified under multiple Peony colors because they have multiple colors on display.

There are thousands of color combinations that are possible through the genetics of Peonies, but not all colors are available. Much like Orchids, Peonies do not have the genetic ability to produce blue Peonies. You might find some Peonies that are light purple and close to blue, but you will never find true blue Peonies.

The same thing goes for purple and orange Peonies. The closest thing to orange Peonies that you will find is those with coral colored flowers. You will also find the same thing when looking for a purple Peony. The genetics hard-coded into the plant do not allow for these colors, so any you find will be fake.

You may find that you can purchase cut blue Peonies online if you search hard enough. These are actually white Peonies that have been placed in a vase of water with blue dye to change the flower color. These may be the blue you are looking for, but they are not true blue Peonies.

Below, you will find a list of our favorite species of each of the Peony colors. We chose our personal favorite for each of the common colors available. We chose the closest examples available to the colors that Peonies cannot provide.


Our Favorite Yellow Peonies – “Barzella”

'Bartzella' Our selection for yellow Peonies is as beautiful as it is rare.   This golden yellow Peony was first developed in the 1980s and provides large, rich blooms midseason. They are hard to come by and often the highlight of wherever they are planted. This plant will add an instant splash as one of the most extravagant Peony colors you will find.


Our Favorite Red Peonies – “Big Ben”

Beg Ben is a gorgeous heirloom Peony that produces an abundance of large red flowers. This is our favorite of the red Peonies because they are extremely easy to grow and show much vigor and resilience. You will not be disappointed if you choose to go with this Peony for your garden.


Our Favorite White Peonies – “Festiva Maxima”

Festiva MaximaThis classic heirloom variety is our favorite of all the white Peonies that you will find. This plant became extremely popular in the 1850s and is still one of the most popular today. It produces pure white blooms that tend to shimmer in the garden. Many people also grow this variety to provide cut flowers they can display in their house.


Our Favorite Purple Peony – “Adolphe Rousseau”

While there are no true rich purple Peonies, this is as close as you will find. This “reddish-purple”, as it is officially considered, Peony is often used in landscaping. This Peony blooms early, with one of the darkest Peony colors you will find. This almost purple Peony is rather common based on it being the closest you will get to a true purple Peony.


Our Favorite Orange Peonies– “Coral Supreme”

Coral SupremeWhile this flower is actually coral colored, it is as close as you can get to orange Peonies. This Peony produces large double flowers in one of the most unique colors. This is our favorite of the orange Peonies because the flowers it produces are breathtaking. Also, this flower is extremely resilient to harsh weather conditions, much like the “Big Ben” red Peonies. This is, by far, our favorite of the Peony colors you can choose from.

Our Favorite Pink Peonies – “Do Tell”

This award-winning Peony is one of the showiest Peonies that you will find. Its contrasting light pink flowers set in dark green foliage really provide some “pop” wherever it is planted. This is also one of the most fragrant of all the pink Peonies you will find. If you are looking to add contrast to your garden, this plant’s pink flowers will add more contrast than any other Peony colors.


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