Growing Japanese Black Pine Bonsai from Seed

Black Pine BonsaiJapanese Black Pine are some of the most exquisite and desirable bonsai in the world. They are some of the rarest bonsai because they take a long time to grow into something presentable. Black pine are one of the slowest growing tree species that are commonly used for growing bonsai. The slow growth rate equates to a low stock to compliment the high demand. Put those two together and you end up with some of the most expensive bonsai in the world.

Purchasing Black Pine Seeds

Please notice that the title to this paragraph is not “purchasing black pine BONSAI seeds”. That’s because bonsai are grown from the same seeds as a full sized tree. Purchase your Black Pine seeds from a reputable dealer that does not market them as bonsai seeds. Many sellers advertise bonsai seeds for much more than they do for the same seeds without a bonsai label. I purchase my seeds from Bonsai of New York because I have had significant success growing their seeds.

Prepare to plant your bonsai

After you receive your seeds and are ready to plant, you will need to get your supplies ready.

–          Soil – The basis of growing just about any plant on earth is dirt. You will need to pick up some dirt to grow you black Pine Bonsai in. You can grab some dirt from the back yard, but make sure that it drains well. Japanese Black Pine need soil that allows the water to run through so that oxygen can still get to the roots. If you find that the water does not immediately drain after you water, you will need to add more arrogates to the soil. You may be better off just buying some good seed starting soil from

–          Trays or Pots – Depending on how many tree’s you intend to grow, you will need to find suitable pots to put them in. Egg shells in an egg carton work great for small amounts, until they get big enough to plant in the ground. If you are planting a large number, I would suggest using formed pots with trays for easy movement.

Find a Suitable Location

Black Pine bonsai need an abundance of indirect sunlight to thrive. Some morning direct light won’t hurt, but ensure that they are shaded from midday sun.

Planting your Black Pine Bonsai Seeds

Plant your seeds about a fingertip deep in the dirt and cover with loose soil. Water directly after planting and place in your suitable location. Water your seeds when the surface of the soil looks dry, making sure not to over-saturate the soil. When you notice the seeds have penetrated the soil, spray with anti-fungal solution. Young Black Pine bonsai are extremely susceptible to fungus infections and will die if you do not treat them immediately.


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  1. Wondering what you mean by “indirect sunlight” . I have other plants on a table next to a window . The only direct sunlight is around 4 or 5 pm and lasts maybe an hour . Also , where do I get anti fungal spray ?

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