The Great Storied History of Tulips

The History of TulipsTulips are one of the most storied cut flowers throughout history. They are prefect for any occasion because they are not too large, too small, too romantic, or too anything else. They are just right for any occasion for those who do not read books on flower meanings.

Tulips are native to Persia and Turkey, where they were prevalent in local culture. Traditionally, Turkish people wore Tulips in their turbans, and that’s how the name “Tulip” came about. Europeans saw the flowers in the turbans and asked what they were called. The Persians though they were referring to the turban itself and gave them the Persian word for turban, which is “Tulip”.

From that point on, Tulips began to spread like wildfire. The Europeans had never seen such a beautiful flower before; flowers with such saturated color that could withstand harsh conditions were not existent at this time. They began cultivating them on such a large scale it makes learning about the history of Tulips worthwhile.

Tulips quickly became one of the most coveted luxury items in history. A typical flower bulb takes 8-12 years before it will begin to flower. Tulips break that mold because you can plant them in fall and have flowers the next spring. You can see the quick turnover by monitoring the history of Tulips on a line graph.

In the 16th century, Tulips were introduced to the Netherlands where they quickly became extremely popular; so popular that the market inflated to insane prices because the supply was so low. At the peak of Tulip Mania in 1637, Tulips were reportedly sold for more than 10 times the yearly income of a skilled craftsman.

Shortly after selling at its highest point, the market for Tulips collapsed in the Netherlands. The people realized that these flowers were not worth the prices being asked for them, so businessmen had to lower the prices to sell them off. Many businesspeople are rumored to have been ruined by this monumental collapse.

Today, Tulips are still one of the most popular cut and planted flowers in the world. They are well known for their ability to survive harsh conditions. They are great flowers to grow in your garden for beginners and professionals alike.

I hope you have learned something by reading this article about the history of Tulips.


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