Our list of Tulip Bulbs Planting Tips

Tulip Bulbs Planting TipsTulips are one of the easiest and most beautiful flowers you can plan in your garden. They can be planted in fall and they will come back year after year, replicating to fill empty voids. Using these Tulip bulbs planting tips, you will be able to plant some of the most beautiful Tulips in your neighborhood.


–          Use good soil

Make sure you are using good soil that drains well. Tulips do not like to sit in water, so add course sand to the soil if it does not drain well.

–          Use mulch

Mulch is used to stop weeds from growing but does not prevent Tulips from sprouting. Weeds are ugly and they rob your Tulips of water, sunlight, and nutrients. If you don’t feel like picking weeds twice a week, I suggest that you spread mulch in your garden.

–          Make sure that you pay attention to the directions!

Larger Tulip species will recommend that you plant your Tulips between 6-10 inches deep. This is because the bulb is much larger, so the top will be much closer to the surface. Smaller bulbs will recommend that you plant them between 3-6 inches deep depending on the variety. If you plant your bulbs too deep, they will not be able to sprout to the surface, while too close to the surface will hurt their chances to survive the winter.

–          Fertilize your pants

After you plant your bulbs, and every year after that, fertilize them with bulb fertilizer. Do this in the fall and in early spring. Tulips grow roots slowly over the winter, so fertilizing in fall will help them prepare for this growth.

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–          Trim your Tulips after they expire

When your Tulips blooms have passed, you want to trim them before the petals fall. If you allow the petals to fall and rot, they will cause fungus problems that can kill your plants. Trimming them also helps by removing the need to expend energy producing the seed pod. Do not trim the leaves until after they have turned yellow. You want the Tulip to absorb as much energy as it can before trimming.

–          Plan the timing out correctly

Make sure that you watch the calendar to make sure that you plant your Tulips at the right time of year. All the Tulip bulbs planting tips in the world won’t save you if you plant your bulbs in February.

–          Tips up!

One of the most important Tulip bulbs planting tips you can find is to plant the bulbs with the tips facing the sky. The roots come out from the base, and it sprouts from the top. It only makes sense to place them this way so that they don’t need any extra work to survive.  Follow these Tulip bulbs planting tips this year and you should have some of the most amazing Tulips around. Once you get them growing well, you should be able to leave them alone and move on to another project.


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