Where Can I Find White Knockout Rose?

Large white rose flower in bloomKnockout roses have quickly become one of the best-selling rose varieties in the world. They were breed by William Radler to have low maintenance requirements and overall hardiness. They allow just about anyone to grow roses in their garden, instead of limiting them to experienced gardeners.

White Knockout Rose are bred to be disease resistant, eliminating the need to use harmful pesticides regularly. This is far from the normal when it comes to growing roses. Most other Rose species need pesticide applications regularly, which can limit the other plants you can grow around them.

Another cool feature of White Knockout Rose are that they are considered to be “self-cleaning”. This means that they automatically release dead flowers, allowing the new growth behind them to expand. With other Rose species, you have to cut the dying flowers off before the new growth can expand.

These Roses typically flower every five to six weeks until the first hard frost of the season. Your White Knockout Rose will produce an abundance of flowers each flowering session. This can make even the most amateur growers look like professionals when they are in full bloom.

How to Care For This Species

These Roses need full sun for at least 6 hours a day. A lack of sun and you will experience a significant decrease in the amount of flowers it produces.

Prune your White Knockout Rose often to maintain the shape that you are looking for. These plants can take heavy pruning, and will quickly grow out of control if you do not keep up.